Why wait for an opportunity when you can create it.


Shadow Wolves Productions (SWP) is an independently owned film and television production company headquartered in Sydney, N.S.W, which runs by the motto “Why wait for an opportunity when you can create it”.
SWP was formed in 2011 by Sydney born Actor and Filmmaker Brendan Byrne in an attempt to create a highly reputable one-stop-shop production company that others could rely on from development through to distribution.

The wolf’s cycle of power continues all year round and symbolises Courage, Loyalty, Strength and Protection, which are also the primary elements that SWP delivers on all of their projects.
Over the past decade, SWP has expanded and now has a team with over 20 years of experience and have been involved in over 40 productions delivering various media types, on and off camera, including Feature Films, Short Films, Music Videos, Commercials and other digital content.


SWP evolved after impacting the film industry with their highly controversial short film ‘I’m Here Too’, aimed at teen suicide prevention, which received a plethora of awards internationally and over 12 Million views on YouTube before grabbing the attention of Buffalo 8 and BondIt, who released it on Tubi T.V.
The team at SWP pride themselves on entertaining their fans while delivering a strong message, so it’s no wonder they have a handful of projects in different stages of production, including; a combat PTSD film, ‘We, The Survivors’, a zombie apocalypse horror, ‘The Walkers,’ the controversial ‘Colour of Our Blood’ aimed at overt racism and the contemporary thriller/ horror film ‘Anti-Social’.


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Here is a few of the films we currently have in different stages of production.










The Next Level

International Film Festival

As most filmmakers will tell you, being involved with making a film means; countless hours of hard work, stress, dedication, discipline, lack of sleep, lots of smiles, lots of tears, ridiculous amounts of coffee consumed, new bonds forged, and not to mention all those hours spent away from family and friends.


So what’s the point of going through it all if no one ever gets to see your work of art? Could you imagine if Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, and just hung it in his bedroom? Your work of art NEEDS to be seen, admired and help to inspire others.


The Next Level International Film Festival (TNLIFF) was created by filmmakers for filmmakers to encourage and help push filmmakers to their full potential.


It's a platform for emerging artists to show the world what they are capable of, not just locally or nationally, but INTERNATIONALLY!


currently Closed
Due to COVID


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