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im here too film, short film, drama, suicide prevention, poster, imdb

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Status: Completed

Genre: Drama

Services: Writer/ Director/ Producer/ Cast /Crew

Synopsis: Teenager, Claire Prescott (Carol Elsden), has a perfect life; a family who cherish her, a boyfriend who adores her and friends who admire her, she even has the social respect with over 2,000 followers on Instagram – so why does she suffer from depression? I’m Here Too, tells the touching story, through the eyes of Claire, as she narrates her thoughts and emotions, whilst struggling to uncover the answer to the ultimate question – Is her life worth living? As the emotional journey unfolds, Claire’s narrative, explains an intricate and emotional topic in an intelligible way, as she endures the trials and tribulations of her severe depression, but by the time she finally realises she doesn’t have to suffer in silence, it may be too late.

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THE LIFE OF BALDRICK film, short film, comedy, poster, imdb

Status: Completed

Genre: Comedy/ Mocumentary

Services: Writer/ Director/ Producer/ Cast /Crew

Synopsis: Baldrick, an offensive, inappropriate, politically incorrect, sexist, narcissistic boss, has created a new reality TV show about, well, himself. Apart from meeting his employees, Baldrick also has some interviews lined up for his first pilot episode.

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BREATHE, short film, drama, motivational, poster, imdb

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Status: Completed

Genre: Drama

Director: Brendan Byrne

Services: Co-Writer/ Exec-Producer/ Cast/ Crew

Synopsis: Jasper has made a lot of mistakes throughout his life, and he believes that he is destined for failure, until one morning when a chance encounter leads him to new hope. Whilst out running to clear his mind, Jasper meets Chimamanda Balewa, one of the most successful and influential African women, who is in town for a seminar. Jasper, convinces Chimamanda to teach him her 7 Lessons to Success, however, they prove to be a little… unconventional. Chimamanda’s methods, albeit unorthodox, help Jasper realise that we are in fact defined by the decisions we choose… And if we choose to fail we will, but when you want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe… then anything is possible

Bleeding Backs film, short film, action, poster, imdb

Status: Completed

Genre: Action

Director: Matt Vella

Services: Cast/ Crew

Synopsis: Bleeding Backs is a neo-noir, martial arts action short film featuring explosive fight choreography, a heart-pounding soundtrack and an epic finale that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Owen (Franco Flammia) is a morally ambiguous bodyguard with the weight of the world on his shoulders. He’s been hired to protect Bek (Kaitlyn Boyé) at all costs, but when a shaky deal with local mobster Marlon (Brendan Byrne) goes south, he must fight against both trained mercenaries, and his own inner demons.

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we, the survivors film, war, army, fami short film, drama, PTSD, poster, imdb

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Status: Development

Genre: Drama, War

Director: TBA

Cast: TBA

Services: Writer/ Producer/ Cast/

Synopsis: Corporal Lincoln Hunt, returns home after his final tour in Iraq, only to realise that for some... the war is never really over. Linc struggles with his combat PTSD, as he tries to re-calibrate back into his civilian life, and although he is physically back home with his wife Elisha and 9 year old daughter Lila... He isn't 'really' home. The horrific flashbacks and silent screams in his head finally become to much to bare, and after an emotional confrontation, Linc snaps and attacks Elisha and Lila. Scared out of their minds they leave and seek solace with Jack, Elisha's father; who is also an ex Vietnam Vet. Jack loves Linc like his own son, but more-so he understands him in a way that only another soldier could. Linc is tired of living as an empty vessel of his former self, and want's to 'LIVE' not just 'EXIST', and after an emotional exchange of words, Linc breaks down and realises that he can't get passed the PTSD on his own; and better yet he doesn't have to, he accepts responsibility for his actions at war (good or bad, whatever they may be), and finally opens himself up to receiving help and treatment.